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    In 1964, Ed Rudy was the only American news reporter to travel with The Beatles on their entire first US visit, from the day they landed in America on February 7th, 1964 to their first American concert tour in August. Ed was there in New York, Washington DC, Miami and all the cities on the tour.

    Ed had exclusive access to The Beatles, Brian Epstein, Mal Evans, Neil Aspinal and everyone in The Beatles entourage.  He interviewed them for the 440 radio stations that carried Ed Rudy Reports on Radio Pulsebeat News. Documentary albums of these interviews were released on LP in 1964 and 1965 and lit up the charts immediately.  Now Ed Rudy’s historic Beatle interview albums from the days of Beatlemania have been remastered on CD and you can own this bit of history.

    THE AMERICAN TOUR WITH ED RUDY” and “ED RUDY WITH NEW U.S. TOUR” can be yours for just $19.95 (plus $6.00 Shipping). If you order now we’ll send you a press pass Ed used on the US tour and autographed by Ed himself. A real collector’s item.

    Welcome to my website

    Welcome to my website.

    We are certainly glad you dropped by to visit. It has been many years since we first traveled with The Beatles.  In my broadcast journalism career we covered The Rolling Stones and The Dave Clark 5, just to name a few key rock bands of the time and we appreciate your continued interest and support.
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    Ed Rudy started in show business as “The Milkman” on The Milkman’s Matinee, 1010 WINS in New York City. He became “Slim the Mailman” on Big Joe’s Happiness Exchange on WMGM and hosted Club 770 on WABC in the 50’s. Later he was the celebrity interviewer the syndicated radio show Ed Rudy at the Celebrity Table live from The Pom Pom Café in New York City. In addition to hearing Ed’s booming voice on radio, fans began to see him on TV hosting the Video Variations variety show, The Decadence Show, and he was the announcer/second banana on the syndicated Steve Wight Variety Show from Al and Dicks restaurant nightclub in New York City and later from The Bell in New Jersey. Ed was also a reporter and columnist for the newspaper Show Business, New York Voice, Long Island Post, Entertainment World syndicated by Amusement Features Syndicate. He was a record producer as well, but it was due to his broadcasting for INS Radio News, Radio Pulsebeat News and UPI Radio that Ed Rudy, dubbed "The Fifth Beatle" by John Lennon, famously interviewed and traveled with The Beatles in 1964.

    Ed was the only American reporter who traveled with The Beatles on their first full American tour. He met Beatles manager Brian Epstein months before they arrived in America and agreed to be a part of the early entourage. He met The Beatles at Kennedy Airport on February 7th, 1964, covered them at the Plaza Hotel on Park Avenue, traveled with them to Washington DC for their first US concert, reported on their shows at Carnegie Hall, and headed with them to Miami later that week, even sharing a suite with George Harrison at the Deauville Hotel on Collins Avenue.

    Ed sent reports of his Beatles interviews to a network of 440 radio stations featuring exclusive audio of chats backstage, in person and on the phone with John, Paul, George and Ringo, Ed Sullivan, Mal Evans, Neil Aspinall and many others. Ed compiled a 48 minute radio documentary of The Beatles American Tour for his group of affiliates. It became so popular, that he later released the documentary on two separate LP albums in 1964 and both made the charts.

    These documentary albums are an historical footprint of Beatlemania in America. They’re fun, upbeat and an innocent reflection of the times, catching The Beatles in playful, off-guard character as they plunged full force into the American mainstream. The Boys thought so highly of Ed’s coverage that they dubbed him “The Fifth Beatle” on national and international radio and television broadcasts, and in their own voices on these albums. 

    Today these two Ed Rudy Beatle interview albums have been digitally remastered and speed corrected for broadcast and are now available for your personal collection. The world famous recordings are part of the digital DNA of The Beatles mark on America and are clearly a must-have for Beatle fans who want to hear the true, inside story on The Beatles American Invasion.

    They are available by mail order or credit card purchase. Order both CDs for just $19.95 Plus Shipping and you’ll receive a copy of The Beatles 1964 Press Pass, autographed by Ed Rudy.

    Though many collectors are paying many times the original price for limited edition original Ed Rudy Beatles interview CDs, a limited quantity are still available, with autographs, at the original very low price.

    Four Generations of the Ed Rudy Family

    Left to Right. Samantha Storr (granddaughter), Ed Rudy, Edie Rudy, Anita Storr (daughter), Jacqueline Storr (granddaughter), Jack Richard O'Connor (great grandson), Brad O'Connor (grandson-in-law)

    Great Grandsons

    Left to Right. Kaleo Rudy Pontes (great grandson), Jack Richard O'Connor (great grandson), Indy (great grandpup)